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IEEE Day commemorates the 1884 gathering of visionary engineers, uniting globally for groundbreaking insights. It falls on the first Tuesday of October, next celebrated on October 3rd, 2023. The theme, "Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow," reflects IEEE's commitment to pioneering progress. At IEEE ADGITM, this day is highlighted by the innovative event Technorax, blending technical and non-technical competitions. A two-day experience, Technorax attracts contestants from across India, elevating IEEE ADGITM's success.


12th OCT

  • Inauguration
  • T-HACKS 6.0
    (Offline Mode)

13th OCT

  • Stalls
  • Bidomania
  • BGMI Tournament
  • Treasure Hunt
  • LFR/Robo Wars
    In Between




The education sector has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, revealing room for improvement in the quality of education delivered. Within this context, participants are challenged to devise and put into action remedies that enhance the current education system in whatever manner they deem beneficial.


Healthcare consistently emerges as the pivotal element influencing a nation's progress. The current pandemic underscored this yet again. With that in mind, participants are required to conceive remedies and put them into practice to transform the contemporary healthcare system and address tangible deficiencies in healthcare delivery.


The alarming concerns surrounding environmental degradation and the imperative to safeguard it have persisted. In these critical circumstances, swift solutions are imperative. Utilize technology to devise remedies that can contribute to the establishment of a more sustainable tomorrow.


Agriculture constitutes the core essence of India. Thanks to technological progress, agriculture is expanding. With a similar enthusiasm, within this subject, participants are tasked with generating concepts and executing them to transform the agricultural domain.


Security breaches pose significant challenges for every nation. With this in consideration, participants are required to devise solutions and write code under this topic, aiming to enhance cybersecurity or any other measures they deem advantageous for fortifying security systems.

Digital Accessibility

Digital inclusivity involves ensuring that digital products are usable by everyone. The goal is to offer equal access to information for all users, irrespective of any disabilities they might possess. Generate concepts and put them into action to enhance the well-being of individuals with disabilities.

Open Innovation

IEEE provides a fertile breeding ground for burgeoning concepts. Within this realm, you enjoy unbridled freedom to conceive innovative ideas and transform them into reality. Build upon the principles you wholeheartedly believe in and catalyze a wave of positive transformation. Here, there are no constraints, no limits to stifle your imagination! It's time to unleash the soaring potential of your creativity and let it take flight.


Set your creativity free as you design solutions that redefine digital engagements, granting users more control, and giving utmost importance to privacy and security. Come be a part of our efforts to influence a more accessible digital world that revolves around users, and take the lead in the thrilling transition from Web2 to Web3. Prepare to program, cooperate, and play a role in the decentralized network that is transforming the manner in which we link up, carry out transactions, and communicate on the internet!


Unleash your innovation and tap into the potential of augmented and virtual reality to forge revolutionary applications, games, simulations, and interactive environments that captivate and engage. Push the boundaries even further and discover new realms of possibility as you explore the endless opportunities presented by AR and VR technologies. Your creativity knows no bounds in crafting immersive experiences that transcend reality and reshape the way we interact with the digital world.

Judges & Mentors

SDE @Incedo
Highly skilled Software Development Engineer with 1+ years of experience in Angular, Node.js, React, Twilio, Stripe, C++, and more. Passionate community builder, leading 'Sudans Tech' with 6,000+ student developers, committed to driving positive change and empowering future tech talent.
Full Stack Web Developer @Placewit
SIH 2022 Winner | MERN Stack Web Developer | Startup, Business enthusiast | Won 6+ Hackathons | Hackathons Participated(x15), Mentored(x5), Organized(x2), Judged(x2)
Software developer at India Today
SDE at India Today Group with frontend technologies like NextJs, React Js and backend like Django and NodeJs. Currently working on Lallantop and Crimetak with 8 Millions and 2 Millions traffic per day. His achievement includes 7th position out of 10,000+hackers in MLH hackathon week and Akashnet Contributor (winning $1000).

Team Members

Anshika Bansal


Jatin Kurra


Nehal Garg
Event Lead


Jatin Chopra
Event Lead


Simran Goyal
Event Lead


Sarthak Pasricha
Event Lead


Vinod Kumar
Event Co-Lead


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  • Cash Prize of ₹6000 By IEEE ADGITM
  • 2 College Bags worth 1500 rs.
  • T-Shirts to all team members worth 350 rs. each
  • 2 yhills course worth 6k each
  • Gift Hampers, Swags and Trophies
  • and more


  • Cash Prize of ₹4000 By IEEE ADGITM
  • A college bag worth 1500 rs.
  • T-Shirts to all team members worth 350 rs. each
  • 2 yhills course worth 6k each
  • Gift Hampers, Swags and Trophies!
  • and more


  • Elearnmarkets all in one course
  • Interview buddy discount vouchers
  • Certificates

Top 20 teams

  • Elearnmarkets all in one course
  • Interview buddy discount vouchers


DO we have any registration fee?

No, the event registration is absolutely free of cost.

What can be the team size?

The team size has to be 1-4 for the Hackathon.

Is cross college participation allowed?

Yes, we allow cross college participation.

What to do, if I have any doubts?
How to apply for the events?

Registration is to be done through the link given here:-

What is the code of conduct?

You can check the code of conduct on this link given here:-

Are there any problem statements for the hackathon?

There is no limit, you can propose your own!